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Un Factoring Agreement

1. – The transfer of a debt from the supplier to the postman is effective despite an agreement between the supplier and the debtor that prohibits such a transfer. Racey Cohn has been offering corporate structuring and advice for more than 20 years through companies and other business advice and advice. It reviewed, developed and negotiated documents relating to multi-million euro credit transactions, including factoring contracts; Credit-based loan agreements Licensing agreements Contracts to buy assets and shares; leniency agreements, cash guarantee contracts and stock guarantee contracts; Corporate, corporate and corporate contracts Public and private seizures; forenunciation of owners and warehouses; Guarantees real estate security. NOTE the importance of adopting uniform rules to create a legal framework that facilitates international factoring while maintaining a fair balance of interests between the various parties involved in factoring transactions, a factoring contract between the parties, resulting from the sale contract, may result in the transfer of all rights of the supplier or one of the rights arising from the sales contract. , as between the parties, including the benefit of a provision in the sales contract relating to the supplier`s merchandise on the merchandise or the creation of a security interest. (b) the parties to the factoring treaty agreed that the agreement would apply. 1. – This agreement applies whenever claims transferred under a factoring contract are the result of a sales contract between a supplier and a debtor whose offices are located in different states and (a) that a provision of the existing or future debt factoring contract is not nullified by the fact that it is not individually fixed in the contract. Whether they can be recognized in the treaty at the time the contract is concluded or on the date of their entry into force; (b) a provision in the factoring agreement, which consists of transferring future debts, is intended to transfer the receivables to the postman when they arise without the need for a new deed of transfer. CONSIDERING that international factoring plays an important role in the development of international trade, with transactions covered by the agreement (e.g.B.