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Vantageone Credit Union Collective Agreement

Language, she says, generally says that the bargaining unit belongs to union members and cannot be enforced by other parties. Slusarenko says the language of the contract the union is looking for is a simple and uniform tariff in collective agreements. “What our members are really asking for is the language of the agreement that recognizes that the work of the bargaining units should be done by members of the bargaining unit,” Slusarenko said. “They are also calling for equitable improvements in wages and benefits that reflect their economic reality. Many of our members are from young families, and they need well-paying jobs to keep up with the cost of living, so they can afford to stay here in Vernon. “If the employer is firm in its refusal to include the most basic language of occupational health and safety, this should be a wake-up call across the community,” said Christy Slusarenko, Vice President of MoveUp, which represented unionized workers. Basic employment guarantees and fair compensation are what 34 unionized employees are looking for at VantageOne Credit Union`s sites. “We are very disappointed with this action, as we have made every effort to conclude a collective agreement before Christmas,” Glenn Benischek, CEO of the VantageOne Credit Union, said in a press release. “We are seeing the work of union members shrink in many ways,” Slusarenko said. “For us, it really shows that this organization is a bit unionized, it wants to get rid of union members and future safeguards.” “VantageOne is also proud to have avoided layoffs during the pandemic.

VantageOne has made an offer to staff and the union that respects or exceeds agreements with other credit unions in the province. VantageOne remains open to a return to the negotiating table,” said the CEO. “For us, it`s not so much about wages,” said Slusarenko, the union`s vice-president. “We hope that the employer will give us a language that protects the work of the bargaining units and the members who do this work.” “Of about 60 employees, there are a total of about 30 executives,” MoveUp union representative Yudon Garie told employees on Monday. “It`s very heavy.” In their fight for job security, union members said they would be on strike for as long as it took for the employer, “with something worth discussing coming back to us,” Garie said.