The Archimusic Online Repository

The Archimusic Repository is a knowledge resource that consists of an online collection of archimusical works accompanied by an interactive timeline, a blog and a set of readers on the subject of archimusic. The goal of this collection is to bring together works and studies from 150 different sources in one place and to serve as a comprehensive resource for researchers and students interested in the study of trans-disciplinary works and the relationship between architecture and music.

The Archimusic Online Repository is developed and maintained by F. Myles Sciotto, Ph.D. as part of his dissertation on the subject.

Survey of Archimusical Works
The cataloged survey of archimusical people and projects are organized into the following searchable categories:

  • Works :: Architecture | Music | Art
  • People :: Architects | Composers | Artists
  • Method :: Notation | Sound | Spaces
  • Resources :: Info | Texts | Tools

Survey of Archimusical Integrative Methods
A cataloged survey of the archimusical methods, relationships, and integrations are organized into the following searchable categories:

  • Aural Architectures
  • Soundscapes
  • Acoustics
  • Cymatics
  • Notational
  • Instrumental
  • Associational
  • Translational
  • Transformational

Timeline of Archimusical Works
An interactive timeline of the above-mentioned projects accompanies the archimusic website. The timeline enables ease of searching for the surveyed people and projects using a User Interface (UI) slider organized into six linear categories as follows: Architects, Architecture, Artists, Composers, Music, and Texts.

Archimusic Readers
The Archimusic Readers are comprehensive six-volume reader series composed of critical writings, essays, and book chapters by a wide range of authors who have explored the relationships between architecture and music. These archimusical readers contain a thorough bibliography and reference list of other relevant information that can be found on the topic. 

  1. Architecture & Music
  2. Notation & Instrumentation
  3. Transformation & Composition
  4. Archimusical Works of Iannis Xenakis
  5. Philosophical Considerations
  6. Translational Studies

Archimusic Blog
The Archimusic Blog is the third component of the AOR. This blog is regularly updated and posts ongoing events and information regarding projects, competitions, proposals, and conferences.